Success on the last day

Second last day of prac and we were having issues with the only part of the intractive whiteboard (TeamBoard) that actually worked, the data projector. My mentor could not get it to work or show on the board. Then all of a sudden it worked and so she continued with her handwriting lesson using lines in a Word document. As she was writing she noticed that the mouse started to move with her pen except ten centimetres away. This was exciting for us although it only added to my mentors not so positive view of technology.

Now that the interactivity was working I could integrate it’s use into one of my last lessons. That is, after it had been calibrated… I spoke to a knowledgeable person that night and then successfully calibrated the TeamBoard the next morning. I had a play around exploring features I could use then went hunting for some relevant interactive activities.
These activities worked well and once the students worked understood how to manipulate objects on the board they enjoyed its use.

Now I find it very weird that the board has not worked all year, we get a tech to come in and fix it and they can’t then all of a sudden a week later it starts working of it own accord and then worked for at least two days. I cannot say if it is still working or even if my mentor uses it as I am not on prac but it would be interesting to find out.

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