Interactive whiteboard frustrations!

Beginning of this week I made it my goal to start in motion the process of getting the teamboard (an IWB) fixed so that I can use it in my lessons. I asked my mentor and she sent a request through straight away. I knew that no-one would be coming to fix it until Thursday so I continued using the board as a data projector during my lessons. The lady came in on Thursday to fix it and realised the board is missing the cord that connects to the laptop and there are no spares at the school. So I have to continue using the board as a data projector screen and until interactive part will be used with the mouse of the computer. That is until the board is up and running and that might not happen until after I have finished professional experience. Audrey also mentions that the IWB in her prac classroom does not work and so is in the same boat as I am.

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