Attempting to do the best I can…

This week I have taught two almost full days. This means that I taught all of the teachable lessons plus there was reading groups and spelling activities that I helped with and guided groups of students through.

In terms of using ICTs, only two of my lessons this week are eligible to be included in the third assignment. Scootle was a helpful site for finding resources that had students using ICT skills as they were learning.

Another great interactive website I used this week was Triple Zero Kid’s Challenge. The students loved this website as it included animations, sounds and voices for each character and interactive sections.

These sorts of ICTs have been the only kind I can integrate as the interactive part of the IWB does not work and in any case my mentor has a very similar attitude to that of the mentor mentioned in preservicepilgramageponderings‘ blog post.


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  1. emknopke says:

    Reblogged this on Emilie Knopke and commented:
    I WISH I had found this for my last prac where I taught all sorts of safety lessons! Cool resource 🙂

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