Room for improvement

My lessons on Friday were another maths lesson on position and directions and another Daniel Morcombe Safety lesson focusing on body clues that tell us how we feel.

The maths lesson was set to fail from the outset. The lesson started late as religion went over time, the students were hyped up and not in the mood for listening and not even ten minutes into the lesson it was lunchtime. I had planned an activity where students would be moving around and we would leave the classroom for the lesson. As soon as we left the classroom they became rowdy and not interested in learning. I have learnt that the sort of activity I had planned and leaving the classroom just does not work with this group of students.

The students were still rowdy throughout the Daniel Morcombe lesson but I managed to keep their attention long enough for them to learn the content.

I have realised that I know all the students names now, which is much quicker than my previous prac. High five to me!

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