Mid-week reflections

The class was doing a writing assessment on the Rainbow Fish. There are two students who do not have to write as they find it very difficult. My mentor was asking one of the students to verbally tell her what they would have written and I had the other to scribe for. The student decided he would be stubborn and was also distracted very easily. I struggled to get much out of him and then proceeded to watch my mentor do the same thing albeit slightly successfully and without much difficulty. I have realised that I still need to work on gaining respect from the students as they are a rowdy bunch and I will need their respect before they will sit still and listen to instructions.

I have started planning lessons and have found it very difficult to get my head around all of the components of the lesson plan template for this course. This is the most detailed template I have come across in my studies and it means I will have to alter the way I think when I plan my lessons.

Prior to my first lesson for Thursday my mentor has asked me what behaviour management strategies I am going to use while I am teaching. The question actually caught me slightly off guard as I had not quite thought about it yet. Since then I have decided that I will use the behaviour system in the class that begins with a warning then 5 minutes timeout, then 10 minutes timeout, then to the planning room and finally to the office. I also decided to use some of the attention gaining strategies that my mentor uses.

I came across this blog post by preservicepilgramageponderings that reflects on her experiences in her first lessons and advises to always have a plan b and plan c when using ICTs. I shall take this advice for when I am attempting to integrate ICTs into my lessons.



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