Slightly worried…

So I have commenced my three week teaching prac in a classroom of 20 year one students. There is one boy with Cerebral Palsy who is in a wheel chair at the moment after an operation, one boy with Down Syndrome and one boy with double hearing aides and limited hearing. There is one teacher aide in the classroom full-time. The class is begining to learn Auslan together although the boy with hearing difficulties does not like signing, in fact he rolls his eyes when you start to sign to him.

The classroom is a double teaching space with only the one class in it. There is an interactive whiteboard installed in the room. However, it is not used as an interactive whiteboard as the ‘interactive’ part apparently is not set up. I think I will have to try to question exactly what the go is with the whiteboard. There are three computers set up in the classroom that could be used to integrate some form of ICT into a lesson.

My mentor is not confident nor very proficient with technology, even emails. The teacher aide in the room also is not very proficient with using ICTs. Therefore, ICTs are not often used in the teaching.

The school requires all teachers to teach straight from the C2C’s (Curriculum into Classroom documents) and they are not allowed to change it.

I was told I’d be teaching a lesson straight from the documents today but when I arrived this morning my mentor informed me she had changed her mind. Now I don’t get to teach until Thursday.

I am really worried that I may not be able to integrate much ICTs into any lessons that I teach.

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