Are you safe on the internet?

Week ten has required us to register for and complete four modules of Connect.ed an educational course that deals with issues around cyber safety and cyber bullying. Renae lists the key topics involved in this course.

Beginning the first module it had not occurred to me that the students I will be teaching have never known a world without the internet. I can’t remember a time without the internet, however, the internet I was interacting with at school as a child was quite mediocre compared to the way it is now. This highlighted to me the fact that my experience in the on-line world and my students’ experiences in the on-line world may be vastly different.

Also, this course highlighted to me reasons why students would hide the fact that they are being cyber bullied; something I had never understood before. Therefore, the importance of teaching children the meaning of cyber bullying and ways the can deal with this is great. Teaching children the importance of cyber safety and the dangers freely handing out personal information on the internet is paramount. Connect.ed also points out the importance of being aware and familiar with your schools ICT, cyber bullying and cyber safety policies.

The completion of the four Connect.ed modules has provided me with a certificate that I can add to my e-portfolio.

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