Enhanced ICT Learning Experience

I have rethought the learning experience from a previous post and have enhanced it so that it is closer to a good quality ICT learning experience. I used the same frameworks that Sophia has mentioned in her blog post.

The main content descriptor for this learning experience is 

The enhanced learning experience is:

Students will think about their perceptions about solids, liquids and gases and share their own definition on their edublog. They will explain and give reasons for why they believe the definitions they composed are accurate.

They will rely on their past experiences, and some examples provided, to suggest properties of each state in groups and create a mind map using Bubbl.us based on this discussion. Students will then add the mind map to their edublog.

Students will comment on a peer’s blog post either asking a question in regards to the content of the post, an agreement or a disagreement with a reason explain why they agree/disagree.

Please feel free to comment any suggestions or ways I can (yet again) improve this learning experience.

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