Confusion breeds procrastination

While working through the learning path over the holidays I became snagged on a particular part of the Unit of Work template for Assignment Two. After much confusion around the section titled Essential Questions and multiple passing mentions throughout the learning path I realised that it required us to choose a pedagogical framework as a basis then develop essential questions that would guide the sequence and content of the learning experiences. This caused a severe delay in my planning of my learning sequences and even caused stress because I became very confused and then worried that I would not finish the assignment in time. (This experience also brought progress on other assignments and subjects to a near standstill and encouraged severe procrastination.) I was then informed that we have been given another week to complete this assignment.

I have now managed to choose a pedagogical framework, namely the 5E’s (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate), and developed my Essential Questions that will guide my learning experiences.

These are:

  1. Engage: What happens when you heat water to a high temperature and cool water down to a very low temperature?
  2. Explore: What happens when you heat a solid or a liquid or cool a gas or a liquid?
  3. Explain: Why does a solid become a liquid or a gas when heated and a gas become a liquid or solid when cooled?
  4. Elaborate: What is happening to the particles in the solids, liquids or gases when they are heated or cooled?
  5. Evaluate: Why is it important to know how solids, liquids and gases react when subjected to heat or cold?

Feel free to comment or ask questions about these questions.

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