Initial Planning of an ICT Rich Unit of Work

This is my initial planning of my ICT rich unit of work for the second assignment. It may be subject to change as I continue my planning.


A year five science class in a public school with some access to computers and limited access to iPads.

Learning Objectives

Constructing Knowledge:

  • Solids, liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways (ACSSU077)
  • Scientific knowledge is used to inform personal and community decisions (ACSHE217)

Transforming Knowledge:

  • Communicate ideas, explanations and processes in a variety of ways, including multi-modal texts (ACSIS093)
  • With guidance, plan appropriate investigation methods to answer questions or solve problems (ACSIS086)

I chose these objectives due to links between them within the descriptors themselves and their elaborations. I also believe they have potential to allow me to integrate ICTs into the unit of work.

Assessment Criteria

Science Understanding

  • Clear description and comprehensive explanation of science knowledge
  • Analysis and application of science knowledge to generate reasoned explanations in a range of situations, including some that are complex

Science as a Human Endeavour

  • Explanation of how scientific developments have affected people’s lives

Planning and Conducting

  • Planning of investigations that justify variables to be changed and measured


  • Clear, coherent and purposeful use of appropriate scientific language and text types to communicate ideas, methods and findings

For an explanation of the origins of these criteria please read A New Outlook…

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