A New Outlook…

I have been required to use the Australian Curriculum in many planning tasks for assignments and on Professional Experience. However, my knowledge about how to use it seems to have been very limited. Week four’s learning path has shed new light onto the features of the Australian Curriculum website and the assistive documents that the Queensland Studies Authority  (QSA) have created for educators to use.

I am quite comfortable with finding Content Descriptors from the different strands and sub-strands in the curriculum and even with implementing the elaborations for those content descriptors. It was not until this week however, that I realised how to use the Cross-Curriculum Priorities or the Achievement Standards for the year levels. This week I also learnt how to develop criteria for assessment using the Standards Elaborations from the QSA.

The Standards Elaborations use the Achievement Standards to describe the expected achievement level at the end of a year level. These Standards Elaborations can be used as a basis for criteria of assessment that uses content descriptors from the Australian Curriculum. To be able to use these features of the curriculum is a great skill as it enhances your planning and eases your development of criteria for assessment.

Examples of how these can be used may be found at Renae’s blog, Sophia’s blog and Ben’s blog. These people have used the Standards Elaborations to decide on the basis of their criteria. An example of my own will follow.




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