Magical ICT

So I randomly mentioned to my brother that I have heaps of “cool things” that his teachers wouldn’t be using. He looked sceptical for a second so I asked him if he wanted to play a game on the internet. He jumped right at the chance and looked really excited. Now he is in year nine at a high school which I am pretty sure does not use much ICT in many of the subjects; usually just a YouTube video here or there.

He started playing the game (the same mentioned in a previous post)  and he was slightly confused for a bit by the limited instructions as I warned him there would be. In no time at all this is what he said to me:
Brother: “I have finished chapter one…”
Me: “You can play another one.”
Brother: ” but I have things to do…” thinks for a minute “I’ll be back…”

Well he came back and was again thoroughly engaged in the activity. At points he said things such as,  “What you do to this side you must do to that side” and “that cancels that out.” Hearing this I decided to ask him to explain what he was doing to me and he was using terms such as improper fractions and fractions.

At the end of chapter 2 I had to say “right that’s enough!” As he had commandeered my laptop for this experience.
His response? “I don’t want to stop.”
What does this say about this resource? This is a boy who comes to me and says help me then expects me to do the work for him (of course I find ways to actually make him do it himself). He often tells me maths is stupid….. and here he is playing a game that teaches him the concepts of algebra and he is enjoying it, he is thoroughly engaged and determined to solve the problems. I shall call this use of ICT magical.

This YouTube video shows a class using iPads in a maths lesson and, as is evident while watching, all students are engaged in the task because they are able to see the activity projected onto the board.

 These iPads are creating an enjoyment for the students just as the algebra game made learning algebra enjoyable for him. I believe in this way the ICT is enhancing the learning of the students as they are more engaged because they enjoy the task or activity.

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2 Responses to Magical ICT

  1. paulhowse says:

    I enjoyed watching this video and was amazed by how focused and engaged the students were during the Maths lesson. You can see the emotion and enjoyment they are getting from the lesson. I think these children are going to be so focused on technology especially using ipads in class which already captures their interests and they are learning new ICT skills: critical thinking, literacy and working in groups.

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