The ‘F’ word…

Frustration! We were asked to choose a resource from a list of many resources and write a description of it and suggest what context and why it would be used. I chose one resource and decided to check it out. It was a role playing simulation game and when I was directed to the page the game would not load. (Just like sometimes a picture will not load on a webpage) I was getting really frustrated with it so I just gave up on it. I went back to the list and tried to look for another resource to use. I kept looking and looking for ages and could not find any (all the while getting more and more frustrated). Now I can’t remember if I tried to do something else for a bit or not but a thought came to mind.  I remembered David mentioning in the tutorial that morning that Internet Explorer has many issues and so it is best to try Google Chrome. I heeded this advice and lo and behold the webpage loaded and the game loaded without a glitch. Now this whole episode meant that I had lost a lot of valuable time and time is very precious for as I rarely have any spare. So I think to myself, “How can I avoid wasting time like this again?” Kate Walker talks about The deep dark hole of ICTs in her blog ICT and Pedagogy. She tells us that with so many ICTs out there it is very easily to get sucked in so deep you may not get out again. I think it would be beneficial for me to take a step back (even if for only five minutes) from all the ICTs I am using, and especially if I am having an ICT issue, take a deep breath and clear my head. I’m sure I can use this strategy in many areas of my life!

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