I cannot get my YouTube video to appear as a video in my blog post; it will only show up as a link.

While writing and editing my last blog post I decided I wanted to add a YouTube video to enhance my message. However, when I went through the process of adding media and linking the video only the link would show up in my post and I wanted the actual video to be present in the post. After I tried a few times to achieve this result and was less than successful, I was going to ask David Jones, as he was in the room, but then I thought,

“No. I will find the answer myself if I can.”

So I went to Google and asked my question. I know that sometimes asking a question does not get the results you want but in this case it worked. I came to a website that told me step-by-step exactly how to do it and the instructions were simple and included suggestions and “make sures”. I found the site very helpful and the process it took me through was simple and quick. When the video appeared in my post as a video and not just a link, I almost yelled out “yes!” in the middle of a quiet computer lab!

– S

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