Schema and a Reflection


As I was reading through the content for week one, I came across the notion of schema. Schema is the way you organise information and relationships of information into a knowledge bank that affects the way you perceive and understand new knowledge or connections. (For more information visit: )

 “Nothing pleases people more than to go on thinking what they have always thought, and at the same time imagine that they are thinking something new and daring: it combines the advantage of security and the delight of adventure.”

–          T.S. Elliot

This quote so closely link with schema as schema encourages us to continue to “think as we have always thought.” We need to change our thinking sometimes to find the best way to do things. That may mean asking someone else for their ideas (collaboration) or maybe mentally standing on your head to see from a different perspective.


The question was posed: Can you think of any examples of courses you’ve taken in your university study where ICTs have been used to transform (to think differently) your learning experience?

In EDC1200 Self, Education and Society, it was required, as an assessment piece, to create a youtube video in relation to a topic of our choice. This task meant that I had to rethink my usual essay strategy and learn how to use the new technologies for video production and the uploading process. To achieve this I used my own prior experiences with programs to help me work out on my own how to create and edit this video and then upload it to youtube so that the marker could view it. This experience had me using my own troubleshooting skills and, I admit, I did use google when I couldn’t work something out myself.

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2 Responses to Schema and a Reflection

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  2. Gill Holness says:

    I love this post. Nice one! I love the quote.

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